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Opportunistic Edge Computing
for Computer Vision Applications

Dynamic orchestration of a city’s fleet of edge devices

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Current Edge Computing Solutions

In recent years, cameras are increasingly equipped with GPU or FPGA powered edge devices. This enables them to run deep learning algorithms for image processing while benefiting from numerous advantages.
Every type of event requires its own set of deep learning models. For example, traffic detection in an urban environment requires a different set of classifiers than crowd detention in public transportation. To circumvent problems such as computational limitation of edge devices, the few emerging solutions that exist, train a large number of models on the cloud and ship the trained models to the edge devices for execution.

erera is the first Opportunistic Software Defined Edge Computing solution for Smart Cities. By installing erera’s Edge OS on the city-owned edge devices, they can be pooled on-demand to create ad-hoc computing systems for executing and training the deep learning models independently of cloud infrastructure. This way, the city benefits from from computational capacity and SaaS solutions comparable to that of clouds while maintaining advantages of edge computing solutions.

Manage a fleet of city edge devices more efficiently

Up to 85 % Cheaper

Decrease your communication infrastructure cost, save your network bandwidth and better utilize the computational capacity available within your fleet of edge devices.

Higher Security and Privacy

No need to share the city's data with third party cloud providers. City-owned devices within the network can simply run any event detection model shipped by authorities and only share the results with relevant stakeholders(e.g. notification with the relevant parts of footage and metadata).

Lower Latency - up to 8x faster

Time is an important factor when it comes to computer vision applications. With erera, there is no need to send the data to the cloud or data centers and wait for a response back. You can make sure you have all the computing power you need, right there at the heart of your city.

Use Cases

Video information is a rich source of data, empowering smart cities to better sense the city at micro-levels. It is predicted that by 2020 a sensor network of approximately one billion cameras will be deployed on government properties, infrastructure and commercial buildings. This would translate to 1.6 exabyte of data per day. When combined with video analytics, this can support various smart city use-cases.
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erera city - the product

The core of erera is the Orchestrator. It executes the dApps and thus distributes and coordinates all tasks. The tasks are executed by the Edge OS on the connected devices. Resulting Information and Notifications are sent according to the dApps back to the Orchestrator and to the Control Room as well as other specified receivers. Any action and decisions are sent back to the Orchestrator so the dApp can process them.

For dApp developers we provide an SDK, so the dApps can be optimized for erera networks.

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